Working online from home – Pros and Cons

If you intend to work and earn money online from home, then you need to know the various pros and cons which are associated with working online from home. If you are already working and earning money online from home, then you may be aware or experienced some of the pros and cons mentioned below:-

working online from home

Pros of working online from home:-

Working online from home has many benefits such as:-

No boss:- This is one of the major pros of working and earning money online from home and one of the major reasons why people decide to work online from their homes. There is no one to control you i.e. you do not have a boss. You do not work under anyone. You are your own boss. Of course this also applies to any business in general or self-employment.

Less capital:- Much less capital is needed in online business than offline business. Requirement of high amount of capital is one of the reasons why people do not start their own business but in online business you can even start with zero capital.

Saves money:- As you work and earn online from your home, you do not need a separate office space to work so this saves your cost of renting or buying an office space. You do not need to hire permanent employees so there is no staff cost. You can hire people online as and when you want and that too from any part of the world.

Saves time:- Whether you are working as an employee in a job or having an offline business, you need to travel from your home to the office and back to home from the office which can take a lot of time depending on the distance between your home and office. When you are working and earning money online from home, there is no question of travelling for work so it saves not only your time but also travelling expenses.

Unlimited income potential:- Your income potential is unlimited unlike job where your income is mostly fixed and limited to your salary. This advantage also applies to the offline businesses but in offline businesses you can earn money only during the business hours. You can potentially make money 24*7 in online business.

Can work anytime:- You can work anytime in online business when you want unlike offline business and job where you have your business office hours or office timing. There are no fixed hours of working in online business and you can take breaks whenever you want. You can work anytime when you feel like working whether it is day, night or midnight.

Time for others:- You can spend more time with your family members and give time to your relatives and friends when working online from home which is not possible in job and offline business as you have to go to the office for working.

Easy and quick to start:- There are lots of procedures, formalities and things involved when starting an offline business which takes some time. Online business is much easy and quick to setup and start than any offline business. You can even start working from today.

Multiple sources of income:- There are multiple sources by which you can earn money online and you can select the one or ones which you want to earn money from. You are not dependent on any single source like salary in the case of job. It is not easy to successfully do one offline business let alone multiple offline businesses so your source of income is dependent only on that single offline business.

Can work in any clothes:- As you are working online from home you can wear any clothes which you want while working. You do not have to follow any dress code or wear formal clothes. You can wear any clothes in which you are comfortable.

Can sell globally:- If you have a traditional offline business, you would mostly sell to the people in your local area or in your country but in online business, you can sell to anyone in any part of the world. Anyone in the world can become your customer this is especially true if you are selling digital products or offering your services as a freelancer.

Cons of working online from home:-

Working online from home also has some drawbacks such as:-

Lack of self-discipline:- You become too relaxed when working online from home as it is the place where one feels the most comfortable. As you have no boss to control you and strict deadlines to follow, there is lack of self-discipline and self-control in life. You go to sleep any time, wake up any time and eat any time as you do not have a fixed work schedule like office. You also do not get that “stress relief” feeling when you come back home from work from office. The solution to this is making a fixed daily schedule and sticking to it.

Continuous work:- You feel like you are working continuously. As there are no fixed hours of working, you do not know how much to work and when to stop. You always keep working on something and remain busy throughout the day and keep thinking something about work all the time. Having a fixed time table would help in this too.

Distractions:- It is easy to get distracted when working online from home. There are family members who may say something, guests who may visit, doorbells ringing, and phone calls and not to forget the many distractions on computer and internet such as social media, various websites, YouTube, games, movies, etc.  

No offline social life:- As you spend most of your time at home working, you become less social as you do not meet and talk with people other than your family members. The situation is even bad if you are working alone from home and others go out to work or you live alone. Even if you socialize online that is totally different from socializing offline where you actually interact with people.

Too much time with family members:- Even though you are working, your family members are still near you. This is an advantage mentioned earlier but can become disadvantage too. You spend too much time with your family members which sometimes is not good. It may lead to fights and arguments as you are in each other’s company for more time. If you are working alone from home then this is not an issue.

Too many things to manage:- There are lot of things or aspects to take care of in online business this is especially true if you are trying to earn money from multiple sources of online income. This makes you overwhelmed and leads to inaction.

Not good for the eyes:- Sitting in front of the computer for long periods is not good for the eyes. A person working as an employee also sits in front of the computer for many hours in office but his work hours are decided. When you are working online from home, there is no limit as to how many hours you can work so there is tendency to sit for long periods in front of the computer as there are too many things to manage in online business. It is not only harmful to the eyes but also general health. The solution to this is taking regular breaks from time to time and fixing the timing of your work and not working beyond that fixed timing.

Power cuts and internet issues:- You may face internet issues such as internet going down, slow internet, etc. no matter how good your ISP is. You may also face power outages sometimes depending on where you live. If you do not have inverter backup, your work would get halted till the time power is restored. Sometimes there may be computer issues which you need to solve yourself or call a computer engineer/technician if you cannot solve them.

Piracy and plagiarism:- Things on internet are easy to pirate whether they are software, eBooks, online courses, etc. or plagiarize blog posts, designs, images, etc. People’s mentality is also such that they think if it is on internet then it must be available for free. People are still reluctant to spend money on digital products and services. So there are chances of your digital products getting pirated and your hard work being stolen.

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