Providing freelancing services to make money

Providing freelancing services is a good way of making money online. Many people are making part-time and even full-time income by providing various freelancing services online from their homes. In this post you will learn about freelancing and how you can make money by providing freelancing services.

providing freelancing services to make money

What is freelancing?

Freelancing means working on contract basis instead of being committed to a single employer or company for long-term.
A person doing freelancing is called as a freelancer. Freelancer provides service or services to the people and companies who are his clients in exchange of money, which is decided in advance. Freelancer is self-employed and can choose the type of work he wants to do and the people and companies with whom he wants to work.

Why freelancing?

You should consider freelancing for following reasons:-

(1) The demand for freelancing services is going to keep increasing as more and more people work online.

(2) You do not have to create any product or promote any product of others. You just need to promote you and your services.

(3) There is demand for the simplest service to the most complex service so you do not need to be highly skilled to provide freelancing services. You can even provide simple basic services which do not require much skills.

(4) Your potential clients can be from any part of the world. People and companies from any part of the world can avail your services. Therefore, your services are not limited to your local area unlike other traditional service providers.

(5) You can decide and fix your own rates for the services, which you provide.

How you can earn money with freelancing:-

You earn money by providing a single freelance service or many freelancing services to the clients who maybe individual people or companies. You provide the services online. You do not need to go to the client’s place or anywhere else to provide the services. You decide the rate of each service and if the client accepts it, he will avail your service. You will later see the common types of services, which you can provide. Your income would depend on the number of clients you get and also the number of services which you provide.

Where to provide freelancing services:-

You have two options for providing freelancing services:-

(1) Freelance sites:-
You can use freelance sites to provide services by listing your services on them. Freelance sites are the platforms, which bring together people looking for work i.e. freelancers and people who want to get work done i.e. clients. Clients who want to get some work done also post the work details and their requirements on freelance sites. You can respond to them if you can provide the service required by them. Freelance sites deduct some money from the money you receive from clients as commission for providing the platform.

Following are some of the popular freelance sites:-






(2) Own website:-
You can provide freelance services on your own website by listing all the services, which you provide. You can put some sample examples of your work on the site to display your skills and talent and some testimonials of clients, which have used your service. When you work through the freelance sites, they handle the payments from clients and you are paid without any problem but when you accept work on your own site, discuss in advance with the clients how and when the payment would be made. For e.g. the client has to pay 50% amount before the work and 50% after the completion of work.

You can accept work on your own site as well as have an account on the freelance sites and accept work from there.

How to get work when you are new:-

Freelancing field is extremely competitive. As a newcomer, you would find it difficult to get work. There are many people already providing freelancing services online and have tons of reviews and ratings. New freelancers are entering the freelancing field daily.

Therefore, it is not easy to get work for a newbie freelancer but you can do below things which can help you particularly when you are new:-

(1) Work for free initially and then start to charge as you get recognition i.e. reviews and ratings or you can charge very less in the beginning than the other freelancers providing the same service and slowly increase the rate after you get recognition. In this way, you will get some experience and recognition. Your main aim should be to get some recognition by way of positive reviews and good ratings initially when you are new. Money will come later. People would work with you and pay you if they know that you are providing quality service. One idea, which you can use, is to provide first service free to the clients in exchange of a review or testimonial. Do that service in the best possible way. So that the clients get impressed and leave a positive review and would again work with you by paying money. They may also recommend your service to others. Provide one free service to clients until you get enough recognition by way of reviews and ratings. Then you can start charging new clients from the first service itself.

(2) Differentiate yourself from other freelancers by providing something unique. Some unique service or services which no other freelancer is providing.

(3) Give something extra to the clients at the same price or less price which other freelancers providing similar service to yours are not giving. The extra thing or things which you give, should be good enough reason for the clients to choose you over other freelancers for doing their work.

Freelancing services that you can provide:-

You can literally offer any service, which you want to as long as it is legal but below are some of the common freelancing services:-

Logo creation:-
Creating logos for blogs, websites and companies. You can create logos in Adobe illustrator. If you do not have the knowledge of illustrator, you can use specialized logo creation software such as sothink logo maker pro, aaa logo, eximioussoft logo designer pro. You can even use online logo maker sites such as design evo and logo makr. You can easily make a good logo using these software or online sites.

Business/visiting card design:-
Designing business/visiting card. You can design business cards in Adobe illustrator. If you do not have the knowledge of illustrator, you can use specialized business/visiting card design software such as eximioussoft business card designer pro, AMS business card maker. You can make good business/visiting card designs using these software.

Mobile app icon creation:-
Creating icons for Android and IOS apps. You can create icons using Adobe illustrator. If you do not have the knowledge of illustrator, you can use software such as icofx or download icons from public domain sites. After downloading, you then need to modify them and resize them according to Android and IOS app icon sizes.

eBook cover creation:-
Creating covers for the eBooks and 3D mock-up of covers. You can create eBook covers in Microsoft PowerPoint or use online tools such as Canva. For creating 3D mock-ups of eBooks, you can use software such as trueboxshot and boxshot.

Article writing:-
Article writing is probably the most common and popular service provided on internet. The clients require articles to be written on specific topics. You need to research the topics and write articles on them. You charge the clients as per the length of the articles, which is often measured in words. You need to have good English writing skills for providing article writing service.

Proofreading is another service, which is popular. You have to proofread the articles, documents and eBooks of the clients. You have to correct the spelling, grammatical, punctuation and other mistakes in the written content. You need to have good knowledge of written English for doing proofreading. If your knowledge of written English is not that good, then you can use specialized proofreading software, which will help you in this. There are two software, which I recommend. First is prowritingaid and the second is grammarly. Prowriting aid has a lifetime plan where you need to pay just once and can use the software forever. Grammarly has recurring charges and does not offer a lifetime plan.

Data entry:-
Data entry service where you enter the data given by client in Word, Excel or some other software as per the client’s needs.

Translating text and audio from one language to another. For providing this service, you need to have good knowledge of the language, which you are translating, and the language to which you are translating.

Transcribing audios and videos into text. You have to listen the speech in the audios and videos and type it as text. You need to have good listening ability in English, as most of the speech would be in English.

Video editing:-
Editing videos for e.g. cutting and joining videos, cropping videos, removing and extracting audio from video, etc. There are many software for video editing both paid and free. I recommend some free software for video editing such as Xmedia recode, avidemux, Moo0 video cutter, and handbrake.

Doing search engine optimization of client’s websites and blogs. SEO includes keyword research, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. You can provide full SEO service including all these three things or you can specialize in one particular service such as keyword research and only provide that service. There are many tools for doing keyword research. However, I recommend three tools, which are kwfinder and keywordrevealer and ubersuggest.

Web development:-
Developing websites for the clients using web programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc. Making changes to existing websites and solving any issues related to the websites. Also developing web applications.

WordPress services:-
Most of the sites nowadays are using WordPress so there is a big demand for WordPress related services. Following are some of the services which you can provide related to WordPress – WordPress installation, local to live host migration of WordPress sites, migrating WordPress sites from one host to another host, installing SSL certificate on WordPress sites, custom WordPress theme development, customizing WordPress themes, WordPress site maintenance, etc.

Developing mobile apps:-
Developing applications and games for Android and IOS smartphones using programming languages such as Java, Swift, etc.

Voice-over means providing voice to a video production where the person providing the voice is not seen in the video. The person only narrates or speaks the dialogues as per the script but does not appear in the video. Voice-over technique is commonly used in films, TV shows, documentaries, etc. You can offer voice-over service and lend your voice for videos and audiobooks.

Virtual assistant:-
You can work as a virtual assistant of someone or some company. Virtual assistant mostly does administrative tasks from his own home for the person or company for whom he works. It is like an office assistant but instead of physically working in the office, he works virtually from his computer. Virtual assistant does work such as handling emails and phone calls, providing customer support, creating content, doing research, etc. and many other tasks as required by the person or company for whom he works.

Accounting and book-keeping:-
You can maintain the books of accounts of small companies and businesses. Obviously you need to have good knowledge of accounting and accounting software which you are going to use for providing this service.

Freelancing services suitable for fiverr:-

Fiverr is a freelance site where each service has a minimum charge of 5$ and every additional service related to the service comes in 5$ increments. Fiverr is a site where clients come for small services mostly that do not cost much. There are also some unique services, which are offered on fiverr that are not seen on other freelance sites. Services are also called as gigs on fiverr and additional services, which are offered related to the service, are called as gig extras.

In addition to the above services, below are some gig ideas, which you can offer on fiverr:-

Image background removal:-
Removing the background of photos and sometimes replacing it with other background. You can remove and replace background using Adobe Photoshop. If you do not have the knowledge of Photoshop, you can use specialized background removal software such as photoscissors. In addition to removing background of photos, you can also offer other photo editing services.

Flip eBook creation:-
Creating flip eBooks from PDF files. Flip eBooks are interactive eBooks with page flipping effect and sound. There are specialized software for creating flip eBooks such as flipbuilder flip PDF professional, epagecreator, eximioussoft epage creator, which you can use.

Website to mobile app:-
Converting websites to Android and IOS apps. You would need some coding knowledge for doing this. If you do not have coding knowledge then you can use various online tools, which let you create apps from websites. Some of these tools are free and some are paid. You can search for them on Google. One software, which I recommend, is website to apk builder pro, which lets you create android apps from websites. It is simple to use but it only supports creating Android apps and not IOS. It is paid software.

Raster to vector image conversion:-
Converting raster/bitmap images into vector images. It is also called as vector tracing. You can do this in Adobe illustrator. If you do not have knowledge of illustrator, you can use a specialized software called vector magic for this purpose or online tool called auto tracer.

Whiteboard explainer video creation:-
Creating whiteboard explainer videos as per the client’s needs. You would need a specialized software for doing this. There are two software which I recommend – video maker FX and explaindio. You can also provide the service of creating intro and outro videos. Intro and outros are used in YouTube videos and video courses.

Format conversion:-
Converting audios, videos, images and eBooks into different formats i.e. changing their formats. For e.g. wav to mp3, avi to mp4, jpg to png, epub to pdf, etc. There are various software as well as online tools, which will help you in this. Many of the software and online tools are free. You can search for them on Google.

Putting watermark on images and videos. There are many software for watermarking. I recommend Aoao photo watermarker for images and Aoao video watermark pro for videos.

PDF editing:-
Editing PDF files for e.g. removing some text or images, inserting some text or images, removing pages, adding pages, splitting and joining PDF files, etc. The best software for PDF editing is Adobe acrobat reader DC pro. There are some online tools available for PDF editing which are free but they are not as effective as the Adobe’s software.

Flyer or pamphlet printing and distribution:-
You need to take the flyer or pamphlet created by the client and print it as per the quantity required by client and distribute it physically in the area or location where you provide the service, which is most likely your local area where you live.

Writing reviews and testimonials:-
As you know reviews are very important nowadays for anything on internet. Clients are looking for reviews for their books, courses, apps and other things. You can write reviews for them after testing or using their product and charge money for that. You can also provide text and video testimonials for products and services of clients.

Resume writing:-
Many job seekers do not know how to write a good resume. Therefore, you can write resume for them according to the type of job for which they are applying and help them in getting a job.

Website pages:-
Pages such as about, privacy, copyright and disclaimer are very important for a website or blog and are required to be present on every website or blog but many people do not know how to write them so you can provide the service of writing these pages.

Creating infographics:-
People like infographics and they are shared a lot on social media. Therefore, website owners and companies look out for infographics creators. You can create attractive infographics for them on the topic, which they want. You can create infographics in Adobe illustrator but if you do not have the knowledge of illustrator, then you can use the online tool such as canva which is the best tool for creating infographics.

Sales copy:-
Many people and companies, who have a product or service to sell, need a sales copy to convince people to buy their product or service. However, not all are good at writing it themselves so they look for freelancers who can write a good effective sales copy to help them sell their product or service. If you know how to write a good sales copy, then you can provide the service of writing sales copy.

If you have good knowledge about certain field or fields, you can provide advisory service to people. For e.g. career advice, investment advice, car advice, blogging advice, etc.

Computer issues:-
Many people get small minor issues and errors when using their computers. The issues are related to the operating system software or other software on their computers. Some of the problems and errors are not solved even after searching for their solution on Google. If you are good at computers then you can offer a service of fixing computer issues and errors. You can access the clients computers remotely using remote access software such as teamviewer.

You need to ask yourself what things you are good at and provide those services. Certain services are more in demand than the others. For e.g. logo design, business card design, SEO, etc. However, at the same time they also have a large amount of competition i.e. many freelancers already provide those services and specialize in them.

Go to freelance sites and see the types of services, which people are offering there. See which types of services are getting more ratings and reviews. You will get an idea, which services are popular and demanded more.

Some tips for freelancing:-

Finally here are some tips that would be useful to you if you decide to get into freelancing:-

Fix a reasonable rate for your services. Look for services similar to yours and see what  other freelancers are charging for them to get an idea for your own pricing. Also, see if they are offering any additional service or services in the same price so that you can also include it or price your service less than them if you cannot offer that additional service.

If there is a specialized software or service, which helps in providing a service or makes your work easy, then use it. It will save your time and efforts. You may have to spend some money on it if it is a paid software but it will benefit you in long run.

Discuss with clients in advance the payment terms. How much the client should pay in advance and how much after completion of work, what should be the mode of payment, etc. This is if you are providing services on your own site. If you are working through freelance sites, they handle the payments. They collect the money from clients and pay you after deducting their commission.

Mention in advance to the clients how many revisions you can make to the work before charging extra. Revisions are nothing but changes to the work, which are asked by the clients to be made if they are not satisfied with something or for some other reason.

Always complete the work in agreed time. If you are going to be late for some reason, inform the client about it well in advance.

Only accept that amount of work, which you can handle at a time. Do not over-burden yourself just to earn more money. It will make you stressed out and lead to a burnout ultimately. It will also affect the quality of your work and create bad impression in the minds of clients and they would not come back to you. It is okay to turn down work sometimes if you have too much already.

You can also create a team to provide freelancing services instead of working alone. You can collaborate with other people and provide various services working together. You can work along with your offline or online friends or other freelancers. A company providing freelancing services is preferred more than an individual person by some clients especially bigger clients as they feel they would get professional and high quality service.


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