Make money with YouTube videos

You must be familiar with YouTube and would be watching or would have watched videos on YouTube before. YouTube is the video sharing site owned by Google. It is the second largest search engine after Google search. Millions of videos are daily uploaded and watched on YouTube by people from all over the world. Many people earn money with the videos that they create and upload on YouTube. You can also create and upload your own videos and make money with YouTube.

make money with YouTube videos

What are YouTube videos?

YouTube videos are the videos, which are uploaded and watched on YouTube. These videos are uploaded by various people and companies from different parts of the world. People who upload videos regularly on YouTube are called as YouTubers or creators.

Why YouTube videos?

You should consider creating and uploading videos on YouTube for below reasons:-

(1) As YouTube is the second most visited website in the world after google search, it has large amount of traffic. Millions of people watch videos on YouTube daily.

(2) You get passive income. You do not need to do anything after creating and uploading the videos other than promoting them and your YouTube channel.

(3) It is easy to make videos. Anyone can make videos and upload them to YouTube. You do not need any specialized knowledge or skills for this. Only basic video editing knowledge is enough.

(4) You have a chance of getting famous if many people like and watch your videos. You can become a YouTube celebrity.

How you can make money with YouTube videos:-

There are five ways by which you can make money with YouTube videos:-

(1) Google AdSense ads:-
You can earn money by showing Google’s advertisers ads on your videos. This is the most common way to make money with YouTube videos. For this, you have to sign up with Google AdSense and get approved by Google and then enable monetization on your videos. You should have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months to monetize your videos on YouTube with Google AdSense ads. You earn money every time someone views an ad or clicks on an ad on your video. The amount you earn per ad view and click is usually very small amount and is dependent on many factors such as the geographic location of the person viewing or clicking on the ad, type of ad, etc. You do not earn anything if the viewer skips the ad. You would need a lot of subscribers and views on your videos to earn substantial amount of income from Google AdSense ads.

(2) Paid sponsorships: –
You can earn money by making sponsorship deals with companies and promoting their brand, product or service on your channel’s videos. You can make separate videos such as review videos, tutorial videos, etc. to promote the brands or you can mention or talk about the brands in your regular videos. It should look natural and not as if you are paid to talk about the brand which you are actually but the audience should not feel like that. Also you should promote those brands which are related to your channel’s niche and which you feel are good and can be useful or beneficial to your subscribers and audience. Companies do not usually sponsor those channels, which are not relevant to their brand, product or service.

If you have lots of subscribers (in millions), the companies may contact you themselves for making a sponsorship deal with you to promote them. However, if you do not have many subscribers, you may have to reach out to the companies yourself to make a sponsorship deal with them. This is not an exact figure but in general, you need to have at least 5000 to 10000 subscribers before approaching the companies for sponsorship deals. It is not only about the subscribers but you also need to have videos with quality content on your channel and those videos should have good number of views on them i.e. many people should have watched those videos.

There are some sites that are like platforms, which connect the YouTube creators and sponsorship companies. You can find many sponsorship companies on these sites. You can apply to the sponsorship companies, which seem appropriate to you after looking at their requirements. Some of the sites charge a certain percentage of your earnings as fees. Following are some of the popular sites:-

Grapevine logic


(3) Affiliate marketing:-
As said in the Affiliate marketing guide, you can make videos about the affiliate products such as review videos or tutorial videos and place the affiliate links of those products in the description of the videos. When people click on those affiliate links, visit the product sites and purchase products, you earn commission. It is not even necessary to make separate videos for promoting the affiliate products. If you mention an affiliate product or products somewhere in one of your regular videos, you can place its affiliate link in the description of that video.

Similarly, you can also promote CPA offers relevant to your channel’s niche by placing the links in the video description. When people click on those links, visit the offer page and perform the necessary action, you earn commission.

With CPS and CPA affiliate marketing you can make money with YouTube videos without any need to have specific number of subscribers or views.

(4) Patreon:-
Patreon is a crowdfunding membership platform, which enables the YouTube creators to collect monthly subscriptions from their viewers for the content they make. Patreon is a site where YouTube creators can sign up and create membership levels for their YouTube channel. People pay and subscribe to one of the membership levels through the site and become their patrons. In return, they get benefits such as early access to creator’s videos, videos only for patrons, etc. according to their membership level. You need to place the patreon site’s link in every video’s description so that people can visit it and become your patron if they want to. You can also ask the viewers to become your patron at the end of videos. Patreon takes a certain percentage of your monthly income as commission and fees. Of course, your content needs to be valuable enough for the people to pay you. You do not need to have any specific amount of subscribers or views to use patreon so this is another way to make money with YouTube videos without any requirement of specific number of subscribers or views.

YouTube has also now introduced a patreon like feature. Viewers are shown a Join button next to the Subscribe button on the creators channel below the videos. People can click on the join button and become member of a channel by paying monthly fees. The joining members get some extra stuff just like patreon. Channel membership feature is not yet available in all the countries and you need to have specific number of subscribers to be eligible for channel membership.

(5) Super chat:-
You can earn money with super chat when you are live streaming on your channel with the chat enabled. People pay you if they want to make their chat message stand out from the others. For this they click on the dollar sign button below the chat box and pay you from anywhere in between 1$ to 500$ when the live stream is going on. After payment, their message in the chat box is shown highlighted with different color and the amount they paid is displayed to everyone in the chat room along with their message. Their message is also pinned in the chat box for some time according to the amount paid. More the amount more is the time for which the message is pinned. In this way they get noticed by you and other viewers and you get some money. People who do not want to say anything send super stickers instead of super chat. YouTube takes some percentage of paid amount and gives the rest to you. Super chat is not yet available in all the countries.

Super chat is useful if you live stream a lot. People will obviously pay if there are too many people watching the live stream and commenting in the chat box due to which the messages in chat box are scrolling fast and it is difficult for their message to get noticed. Therefore, you need to have many people watching your live stream and commenting in the chat box.

YouTube has now introduced ‘applaud’ button on YouTube channels where people can pay the YouTube creators anytime they want. If they like a particular video on the creator’s channel, they can click on the applaud button under that video and pay money in the denominations set by YouTube. Applaud button is not yet enabled by YouTube on all the channels. So this is another way you can get paid by the people who like to watch your videos without the need of live streaming.

(6) YouTube Premium:-
YouTube premium is feature which has been introduced by YouTube where people can pay monthly subscription and watch YouTube videos without ads. When any of the premium members of YouTube watch your videos, you get paid some amount depending on the watch time. YouTube premium feature is not yet available in all the countries.

You can use any combination of above methods to make money with YouTube videos.

Options for making YouTube videos:-

There are three methods or ways of making YouTube videos:-

(1) With face and voice:
 In this method, your face would be visible to the people in the videos and they would hear your voice. If you are comfortable then you can reveal your identity in the videos by showing yourself in the videos talking. Choose this option if you are not camera shy and not concerned about your privacy. This option is a good way to get some recognition and publicity along with earning money.

(2) With voice but no face:-
In this method, your face would not be visible to the people in the videos but they would only hear your voice. If you are not comfortable in revealing your identity by showing yourself in the videos, then you can just talk in the videos. You will only reveal your voice in the videos. People will not know who you are and would not recognize you. Choose this option if you are camera shy or concerned about your privacy.

(3) Without face and voice:-
In this method, your face would not be visible to the people and they would not even hear your voice. If you are not comfortable in revealing any aspect of your identity neither your face nor your voice, then you can choose this option. People would not know anything about you and would not be able to recognize you in any way. Consider this option if you think your voice is bad or you cannot speak properly or you are too concerned about your privacy.

You can choose the option according to your preference but people generally like to watch actual people or a person in the YouTube videos. Videos containing people get more views and subscribers, which means more income. That does not mean that people do not watch other types of videos but videos with actual people or a person in it attract more views.

If you need some ideas for YouTube channel, then you see this. It contains ideas for all the three options mentioned above.

YouTube SEO:-

It is important to do YouTube SEO at the time of uploading videos on YouTube to optimize the videos so that they appear or rank higher in the YouTube search results. The higher they rank in the search results, higher the clicks and views they would get resulting in more income for you. YouTube SEO is similar in concept to SEO the main difference being that YouTube SEO applies to YouTube videos while SEO applies to websites and blogs.

Following are the important things, which you should do in YouTube SEO:-

Name the video file with your main targeted keyword or keywords before uploading instead of naming it with some random words such as video.mp4, scene1.mp4, etc.

Give a proper title to the videos, which perfectly describes the content of the videos in short and compels the users to click on the videos. Do not give misleading titles to attract people and get clicks. Use your main targeted keyword or keywords in the title.

Write a good description for the videos, which describes the content of the videos in detail. Put some keywords in the description. Give all the important information about the video and links in the first 2 to 3 lines of the description because after that people have to click on show more to see the full description.

Tag the videos with keywords, which are related to the content of the videos. Do not use irrelevant tags for the videos.

Upload a custom thumbnail for your videos instead of using the YouTube’s auto generated thumbnail. The thumbnail should be such that it compels the people to click on videos. Do not upload misleading thumbnail just to attract people and get clicks. Your YouTube account needs to be verified to use custom thumbnails.

These were the most important and basic things, which you should do in YouTube SEO. There are also other things, which you can do to improve the ranking of your videos on YouTube. You can get more information about YouTube SEO by searching on Google.

There is one tool called Tubebuddy, which will help you in doing YouTube SEO. It is more than just a YouTube SEO tool. It has many additional features too. It is like a YouTube channel management tool, which also helps in doing YouTube SEO. It is available as browser extension.

Some tips for YouTube videos:-

Finally some useful tips if you plan to become a YouTuber and make money with YouTube videos:-

Make longer videos preferably 10 minutes and above. Longer videos mean more watch time (which is an important factor, which YouTube considers) and more ads i.e. more ad breaks can be inserted in the videos leading to more money. Do not stretch the videos with irrelevant content just to make them longer. Not all videos need to be of 10 minutes and above. Make short videos too.

Insert reasonable number of ads in the videos. Do not insert too many ads in a single video. Inserting too many ads would annoy the viewers and they may close the video. Insert ads before any important thing in the video so that people will view the ads, as they have to see that important thing.

Have an intro and outro for your videos. Intro and outro are small clips of few seconds with music, which are shown to the viewers before and after the actual main content of the videos. Intro and outro clips can be the same or different. Intro clip is more important than outro clip and many creators only have intro clip.

Put a watermark with your channel’s name on every video so that people will know your channel’s name and find your channel even if they download the videos on their computer or find your videos from somewhere else.

Give a link to some of your other related videos at the end of video in end screen so that people can click on any of them and the video would start playing. Also ask the people to subscribe to your channel in the end or have a subscribe button in the end screen. If your content is good then people would obviously subscribe to your channel so do not mention it repeatedly in the video. Once or twice is enough to remind them.

Create and upload a nice banner for your channel, which is relevant to your niche. If your channel is not niche specific, then you can even have your own photo as banner.

Give your channel a good name, which is relevant to your niche. If your channel is not niche specific, then you can even use your own name or nick name or some dummy name if you want.

Reply to as many comments as possible. Ignore or delete abusive comments or reply to them properly without getting angry. If most of comments are abusive or if there is comment war then you can disable the comment section. Comments are important because people keep coming back to the video in order to reply to the comments and replies made by others thereby increasing the views of video.

You can use any type of camera to make videos whether DSLR, point and shoot, mobile camera as long as the video and audio quality is good.

People mostly like to watch entertainment type videos on YouTube than informational or educational videos so you can potentially make more money in entertainment type videos.

You can create more than one channel in YouTube using same account. If you post videos about different topics, you can create a different channel for each topic instead of posting different types of videos on the same channel. It would also not confuse your viewers.

If you use abusive language or swear in the videos or if your video contains things such as nudity and porn, gore or some other things which YouTube does not like, YouTube would make your video 18+ and only people above 18 years age can view those videos after signing in to their YouTube accounts to confirm their age. The important thing to note is that the age restricted videos are not monetized by YouTube i.e. YouTube does not show any ads on them. Therefore, you would not get any earnings from AdSense for age-restricted videos.

Keep your YouTube channel active by posting new videos regularly. Decide how frequently you are going to post videos and stick to the schedule.

Do not upload someone else’s videos or copyrighted videos on YouTube such as video songs, movies, some other creator’s videos whether in part or in full. You will get a copyright strike and asked to remove those videos from your channel. You would not get any money you earned from those videos. If you do it again and again, your channel may get banned by YouTube. So always, upload the videos shot or created by you. Also, do not use any copyrighted audio such as music or sounds in your videos. You would get a copyright strike for that too.
You can use stock videos and stock audios in your YouTube videos whether they are purchased by you or free ones from free stock sites.

Collaborate with other YouTubers in your niche from time to time. This will make you reach more people and help you get more subscribers and views to your videos.

Keep an eye on YouTube analytics to monitor the performance of your channel and videos. YouTube analytics is similar to Google analytics the main difference being that YouTube analytics is for YouTube videos while Google analytics is for websites and blogs.


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