Ideas for YouTube channel

YouTube channel can be compared to a blog and selecting the topic of YouTube channel can be compared to choosing a niche for blog. A blog contains number of blog posts related to the blog niche while a YouTube channel has number of videos related to the channel topic. Here are some ideas for YouTube channel which you can consider if you are planning to start a YouTube channel. The ideas are divided into three which are the ways or methods of creating YouTube channel.

ideas for YouTube channel

Ideas for YouTube channel with face and voice:-

In this option, you appear in the videos and also speak i.e. you can be seen by the people and your voice can be heard in the videos.

Lifestyle vlog channel showing your life such as your daily activities, some events in your life, experiences, etc. You can also involve your family, relatives and friends in the videos if you want.

Personal opinion channel where you share your general opinions and views on various topics. You can talk about any random topic which is trending currently in the world or in your country or focus on specific topic or topics such as politics, sports, religion, etc.

Public opinion channel where you go out with a mic and ask people their opinions on various topics and record it. You then upload the recorded videos on your channel after taking their permission. The topics can be anything such as movies, politics, sports, etc.

News analysis channel where you analyze the various major news of the day in your country or in the world that interests you and give your opinion on it.

Prank videos channel where you prank people who may be your family members, relatives or friends or even strangers by different ways and shoot it on camera such as fake ghost scaring people on street at night, gold digger prank, etc. You need to be careful while pranking strangers as the pranks may go wrong and you may also get into some legal issues. You can look at some prank channels on YouTube for prank ideas.

Social experiments channel where you conduct various types of social experiments such as posing as a cleaner and showing how people treated you, acting as a blind person and asking people for help, etc. You can get ideas for social experiments by watching some YouTube channels who do such social experiments.

Health and fitness channel where you post videos about things such as bodybuilding, health tips, yoga poses, exercise types, losing weight, meditation, healthy food recipes, etc.

Travel vlog channel where you show people various tourist places that you visit, share traveling experiences, give traveling tips about a country or location, chat with local people where you go, etc.

Food and restaurant review channel where you try different food and restaurants and give your opinion about it. You can do a food tour within your city, state, country or even outside the country.

Movie reviews channel where you do review of various movies. You can also post your reaction to movie trailers, your opinion about movie celebrities, explain some scene in the movie, etc. and anything related to movies.

Technology channel where you do unboxing and review of different types of gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, graphic cards, drones, etc. , give technology news, explain how some technology works, provide some tips and tricks, etc.

Cooking channel where you post videos showing how to cook different types of foods and make different kinds of drinks.

Do-it-yourself or How-to channel where you show people how to do something yourself. It can be simple things such as how to change laptop battery or how to remove puncture or how to change car tyres or something more complex such as mobile repairing.

Experiments channel where you do various types of fun, interesting and weird experiments and hacks such as bursting many crackers at once, crushing something under the tyres, etc. or even scientific experiments.

Short films channel where you upload short films made by you in which you act.

Interview channel where you interview different famous people in a field or from different fields. You basically act as an anchor or host and ask them various questions.

Parody channel where you mimic or imitate famous people such as movie celebrities, politicians, sports celebrities, etc.

Roasting channel where you mock, criticize or make fun of famous people who behave in some weird or senseless manner or some ridiculous statement made by them. You need to be careful with this as some people may not like it and get offended.

Dance channel where you dance to some famous songs and music. You can dance alone or with someone or it can be a group dance.

Personal finance channel where you talk about things related to money such as saving, investing, stocks, income tax, financial news, explain financial concepts, etc.

Gaming channel where you play some video game and show it live to the people while you play. You can show yourself somewhere in the video and speak while playing. In addition, you can also make game walkthrough videos, game tips videos, etc. and anything related to gaming.

Regardless of your channel topic, you can come live on your channel from time to time so that people can see and interact with you live.

Ideas for YouTube channel without face but only voice:-

In this option, you do not appear in the videos but only speak i.e. only your voice can be heard by the people but you cannot be seen in the videos.

Educational channel where you teach people about some topic by posting tutorials. You can show screen recording and explain using your voice.

Technology channel where you unbox and review various gadgets by only showing your hands and speaking.

Story channel where you tell people stories by drawing on screen using whiteboard video software. The stories may be motivational or inspirational stories, moral stories, real life stories, etc.

Ghost stories channel where you tell people ghost stories using sound effects and showing some scary or creepy images in the video. There are people who like getting scared by listening to ghost stories whether they believe in ghosts or not.

List channel where you post videos having list of something such as 10 most poisonous snakes in the world, 5 most expensive homes in the world, etc. Show images of the top 10 or top 5 or whatever number of things, which you show in the videos and talk about them. You can also post animated videos explaining some facts, general knowledge, etc. and speak while explaining. You educate and infotain people with this channel.

Cooking channel without showing your face. You can show how to cook food by recording only your hands and voice while you cook.

Podcast channel where you just speak about a topic without showing your face. You can use some stock images, infographics, charts or diagrams and stock video clips where relevant and necessary in the video to better explain the point and keep the people engaged.

Gaming channel without showing your face. Just record the gameplay videos with your speech while you play and upload them to your channel. You can also live stream your gameplay but without showing your face.

You can use the voice of some voiceover artist for the videos if you do not want to speak yourself but do not use computer generated or text to speech voices which sound robotic.

Ideas for YouTube channel without face and voice:-

In this option, you do not appear in the videos and also do not speak i.e. people cannot see you in the videos and also your voice cannot be heard.

Animal channel where you post videos about animals such as cats and dogs and other pets, wild animals, animals doing some funny or weird things, etc.

List videos and animated videos channel as told above but with music instead of you speaking in the videos.

Animated cartoons channel where you post various animated cartoon videos with sounds and music. Obviously you need to know how to create them.

Short films channel where you post short films written and directed by you but in which you do not act yourself.

Stock photos and videos based channel. You can put together different stock photos and videos in certain way based on a theme such as nature, animals, food, etc. and add some stock music to it. For e.g. you can help people to relax by making nature themed video or make them hungry by posting delicious food themed video.

As you can see there are more ideas for YouTube channel when you are willing to show yourself on the camera. Also videos having people in them generally get more views and subscribers. But not everyone is comfortable showing themselves to the world. If you are one of those then you can choose from the other two options. You should choose a topic for your YouTube channel on which you can make videos on consistent basis.


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