60 Profitable online course ideas

If you are looking to create an online course and need some help in deciding the topic of your course, then here are some online course ideas that would help you to get started. The course ideas are divided into main categories with some having sub-categories. They are not in the order of profitability. Some of the online course ideas can be more profitable than the others.

online course ideas

(1) Pet care and training course for pets such as dogs and cats.

(2) Course teaching outdoor sports such as football, cricket, hockey, kabaddi, tennis, etc.

(3) Course teaching indoor games such as chess, carom, etc.

(4) Language teaching course such as English, German, French, Spanish, Hindi, Sanskrit, etc.

(5) Course on how to do proofreading.

(6) Course which teaches web programming languages such as HTML and CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.

(7) Course which teaches software programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Kotlin, etc.

(8) Course teaching how to use WordPress CMS.

(9) Course on how to create WordPress themes and plugins.

(10) Course showing how to create mobile apps and games.

(11) Graphic designing course.

(12) Photo editing course.

(13) Video editing course.

(14) Photography course using a DSLR, point and shoot or smartphone camera.

(15) Course teaching some musical instrument such as guitar, tabla, violin, etc.

(16) Course teaching a specific form of dance.

(17) Course teaching the basics of stock market.

(18) Stock market – Fundamental analysis course.

(19) Stock market – Technical analysis course.

(20) Stock market- Derivatives i.e. Futures and Options course.

(21) Forex trading course.

(22) Course teaching specific type or types of exercise.

(23) Course teaching Yoga.

(24) Course on how to lose weight.

(25) Course showing home remedies for healing common illnesses and health issues.

(26) Search engine optimization (SEO) course.

(27) Google analytics course

(28) Online advertising course.

(29) Course teaching book-keeping and accounting.

(30) Direct and indirect taxation course.

(31) Cyber laws course.

(32) Course teaching how to use accounting software such as Tally, QuickBooks, SAP FICO, etc.

(33) Course teaching Microsoft Office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

(34) Basics of computers and internet for the old elderly people.

(35) Computer hardware and networking course.

(36) Course showing various tips and tricks related to computers, smartphones and internet.

(37) Course teaching how to use an operating system such as windows 10, Mac, Linux, etc.

(38) Cyber security course teaching people how to protect themselves from online threats.

(39) Ethical hacking course.

(40) Software testing course.

(41) Course showing how to fly drones.

(42) Internet of things (IOT) course.

(43) Blockchain and cryptocurrency course.

(44) Microeconomics course.

(45) Macroeconomics course.

(46) Animation course.

(47) Cooking recipe course showing how to cook specific type or types of food.

(48) Self-defense course teaching people how to protect themselves.

(49) Mathematics course.

(50) Course explaining the history of a country, religion, place, etc.

(51) Productivity and time management course helping people in becoming more productive and managing their time better.

(52) Public speaking course.

(53) Drawing course.

(54) Arts and crafts course such as origami.

(55) Course teaching astrology.

(56) Course teaching numerology.

(57) Sewing and knitting course.

(58) Course teaching personal finance concepts.

(59) Course teaching Business/corporate finance concepts.

(60) Course showing how to make an online course.

Now you have got enough ideas for the topic of your online course. So go ahead and create an online course using any of the online course ideas listed above.






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