21 Profitable blog niche ideas

You can make a blog on any topic which you like but if you are looking to earn money from your blog, then you need to choose a niche that is profitable i.e. niche which has earning potential. Following are some of the profitable blog niche ideas or suggestions which you can consider for your blog. The ideas are divided into main broad niches and some of them have sub-niches under them. They are not in the order of profitability. Some of the blog niche ideas can be more profitable than the others. Blog niche ideas #11, #12, #17, #18, #20 are unique and not much talked about.

blog niche ideas

#1 Health and fitness:- Health and fitness is a very common and popular niche which is very broad and has many sub-niches. The competition is very high in the health and fitness niche so you should consider targeting one or two sub-niches instead of targeting the whole health and fitness niche. Following are some of the sub-niches of health and fitness niche:-
Health issues/problems and their solutions,
Weight loss,
Body building,
Mental health,
Pregnancy, etc.

#2 Personal finance:- Personal finance is another popular niche with lot of competition. It can have many sub-niches such as:-
Stock market,
Forex market,
Banking, etc.

#3 Pets:- In this niche you talk about the various aspects of owning a pet such as its health, food, training, toys, tips, etc. It has two main sub-niches:-
Dogs:- Where you talk about dogs. You can further niche down and focus on a particular breed of dog instead of talking about dogs in general.
Cats:- Where you talk about cats. You can further niche down and focus on a particular breed of cat instead of talking about cats in general.
There are also sub-niches of other pets such as fish and birds like parrots.

#4 Personal development:- Personal development is also called as self-development or self-improvement. In the personal development niche, you can write about things such as Productivity, self-confidence, public speaking, career, motivation, stress-free life, positive attitude, success, etc.

#5 Technology:- Technology is another popular niche where you post tech news, reviews, tips, etc. It can have various sub-niches such as:-
Android phone,
IOS phone,
Windows computer,
Mac computer,
Gadgets such as drones, 3d printers, virtual reality, etc.,
Ethical hacking, etc.

#6 Relationships:- In this niche you talk about human relationships and cover things such as friendship, family, relatives, dating, marriage, divorce, relationship advice, family planning, adoption, etc.

#7 Parenting:- In this niche you talk about the various aspects of raising kids such as their food, health, education, school life, developing good habits, kids toys, kids games, homeschooling, potty training, etc.

#8 Food/Cooking:- In this niche you can write things such as cooking recipes, cooking tips, restaurant reviews, etc. It is better to also post videos showing how to cook a food item instead of just text instructions. It can have many sub-niches such as:-
Indian food,
Italian food,
Thai food,
Japanese food,
Healthy food recipes,
Vegetarian food recipes,
Non-vegetarian food recipes,
Eggetarian food recipes, etc.

#9 Education:- In the educational blog you can write tutorials about a subject on which you have good knowledge. It can have many sub-niches depending on the subject which you are going to teach such as:-
Web programming languages,
Software programming languages,
Graphic designing,
MS Office,
SAP, etc.

#10 Sports:- In the sports blog you can write about some sport in which you are interested or are good at. You can post things such as sports news, player information, match analysis/review, etc. It can have many sub-niches depending on the sport which you are going to write on such as:-
Badminton, etc.

#11 General knowledge:- In this blog niche, you educate people by writing about various topics that increase their general knowledge. You can write on any topics such as history, geography, science, sports, politics, etc. For e.g. Blood groups, countries and their capitals and currencies, hockey world cup winning countries, etc. Many people don’t have basic general knowledge. General knowledge is not generally seen among people. So help to increase their general knowledge.

#12 Viral content:- In this blog niche, you infotain people by posting content that is shocking, scary, funny, controversial, interesting, etc. For e.g. 10 most poisonous snakes in the world, most expensive homes in the world, real world weird stories, etc. These types of content get shared a lot on social media and have high chances of going viral so I have called it viral content.

Both general knowledge and viral content niches are closely related to each other but they are not the same. There are some differences between the two. The main purpose of general knowledge blog is to educate people while the main purpose of viral content blog is to infotain people. The content on general knowledge blog is mostly accepted by everyone and is based on facts and does not change often but some content on viral content blog can be based on opinions and not everyone may agree to it and some content may change after some time.

#13 News:- News blog which focuses on the news of specific topic. It is like an online newspaper or magazine which provides news about a particular topic instead of everything. It can have many sub-niches depending on the news topic which you are going to cover such as:-
films, etc.

#14 Cinema:-  In the cinema blog you can post things related to movies such as movie reviews, movie celebrities, news about movies, etc. You can also include TV shows in addition to movies. You can focus on a specific genre of films such as horror, comedy, etc. or cover all genres.

#15 Travel:- In the travel blog you can write about the various tourist places which you visit, your traveling experiences, tips for traveling, etc. It is better to make some videos too showing places instead of just text.

#16 Religion:- In the religion blog you can write about the religion which you follow such as its history, religious texts, place of worship, religion laws, news, etc. Your audience would be mostly restricted to the people who follow that religion. This niche has six main sub-niches:-

#17 Adventure sports:- If you love adventure sports such as bungee jumping, scuba diving, trekking, surfing, paragliding, rock climbing, etc. and personally do some of these then you can write about them. Posting some videos would be good too.

#18 Country/geographic:- In the country/geographic blog you give information about a country such as its history, places to visit, laws, etc. It can have many sub-niches as many as there are countries in the world.

#19 Automobile/vehicle:- In the automobile/vehicle blog you can talk about vehicles whether two-wheeler such as scooters and bikes or four-wheeler such as cars and jeeps or both. You can write about things such as news about latest vehicles, review of vehicles, vehicle tips, vehicle maintenance, vehicle insurance, repairs, second hand vehicles, etc.

#20 Gender:- In this niche type you can focus on a specific gender and things related to it. Gender niche has two sub-niches:-

#21 Blogging:- A blog about blogging where you talk about blogging itself and cover various aspects of blogging such as how to start a blog, WordPress, monetization of blogs, SEO, internet marketing, etc.

Now you have got enough blog niche ideas. So go ahead and start a blog today picking any of the niches listed above.

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